Custom Art Installation

Peck wood utilizes sophisticated and advanced art installation techniques tailored to the specific aesthetic requirements of everything from kinetic sculptures and expansive museum displays to concrete outdoor public artwork placement—with safety, design, and intention considered every step of the way.


It can be challenging to install modern art pieces when you are not knowledgeable and professional enough to understand them. It is also challenging to install it as it requires much patience and carefulness to hang art correctly on the right wall of your office or home.


Passionate about what we do, Peck wood possesses unparalleled expert insight into the process of installation. The task is installing a dynamic, ethereal sculpture from an atrium ceiling, creating a forest of light, or assembling a colossal statue. If it can be dreamt, we can install it. Rain, shine, or blizzard—our team’s years of design and engineering expertise working with civil and private entities enable us to effortlessly navigate permitting and logistical considerations and ensure that the best technical and creative solutions are implemented for each project.


Our experienced professionals will also help you with carpentry services, including restoring the lost charm of old furniture. So, get in touch to enjoy our professional services and book your slots. 

Custom Art Installation Specialists

You may spend thousands of dollars and so much time choosing and purchasing the appropriate art for your home and business. Your favorite work, on the other hand, may appear out of place if not correctly displayed. Artwork that is improperly positioned and installed fails to make an impression on the decor.


Call experienced art installers like Peck Wood for Custom Art Installation in Austin if you’re unsure about any aspect of the installation. We arrange your artwork so that it is beautifully exhibited and draws attention to itself. As professional art installers, also ensure that your priceless artwork is not damaged.


You wouldn’t be able to hang a giant painting the size of a wall or an antique mirror that weighs a tone if you bought it yourself. When attempting to install it, there’s a significant risk you’ll harm it. As a result, it’s best to engage a professional who knows how to handle such artwork with care and install it with the proper hardware.


To increase the charm and make the message more apparent, one must present some artworks in a specific, artistic manner. Not everyone is educated enough to comprehend the complexities of art. Only a professional with creative thinking and the skills necessary to meet the unique requirement will do so.