Wood Fences Installation

Is your fence showing signs of rust, discoloration, or even warping? These are common indicators that your fence needs to be replaced. Wood is more prone to moisture, mold, and insect damage than vinyl or plastic fences since it is a natural material. You may consider whether a complete fence replacement is required or if your wood fence only requires minor repairs. A fence inspection and estimate from expert fence installers are the best methods to make this decision.


Our fence installers can often fix broken and cracked boards, as well as rotten areas of the fence. If they are severely damaged, though, fence replacement is required. In some instances, it is more cost-effective to replace your fence entirely because the cost of maintenance eventually equals the cost of fence replacement.


We look for moisture penetration, rotting, warping, cracked or broken boards, missing fasteners, and loose connections during the fence inspection. We’ll do everything we can to keep within your budget and recommend the most cost-effective choice. Peck Wood’s expert fence installers can help as we are the best Custom Fence Company in Austin, Texas.

Wood Fencing Experts

A wood fence gives your property a natural-looking appeal. You may discover a type to fit your needs, whether you want a decorative picket fence or one that provides seclusion for your family. If you’re going to take advantage of wood fences’ practical and aesthetic benefits, Peck wood is the ideal companion. As a locally owned company, we’re dedicated to providing our neighbors with inexpensive and dependable services. Wood fences that are custom-designed to meet your needs are available from us. All of our wood fence artisans have years of valuable experience designing and building wooden fences.


For rustic homes, ranch-style properties, and various other uses, a wood fence is ideal. Whatever your reason for installing wood fencing or gates on your property, our team of fence specialists is ready to assist you. Our estimator will discuss your installation project and identify your exact requirements when they arrive for their in-person consultation.

Wooden Trellis Builder

Trellises add interest (and are sometimes required) to any garden. They may assist in the training and support of plants, the creation of privacy walls and “living fences,” as well as the addition of design and flair to your environment! Trellises are also excellent space savers, allowing gardeners to “get vertical,” – which is very handy when space is premium.


If you are looking for a trellis builder, then get in touch with us; you get many additional services to improve your home aesthetic and make it a perfectly comfortable space for living.